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E-catalogs or digital catalogs are cheaper to produce and it can help

you to save on print and mailing cost. Our E-catalog service converts

your PDF or print catalogs into realistic page flipping effect to your e-

catalog and works on all Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, Mac and

android phones and tablets. It can also be downloaded and viewed

offline on the iPad or any tablet. It can also be integrated into your

existing e-commerce website for your customers to browse your

products. Save money and time updating webpages in your website.

E-catalogs are accessible 24x7 and 365 days a year and it can be updated easily. Now, you can save on expensive monthly web maintenance fee, graphic design fee,  printing costs and even storage space. Let us help you to keep your product catalogs up-to-date at a very low cost. Impress your customers with beautiful and elegant presentation of your products and services. We can create your e-catalogs from your printed brochures and catalogs, from PDF documents and MS Word documents, or create a brand new stylish e-catalog of your existing products from scratch. The e-catalog provides your customers with an enhanced experience that allows them to read and browse by flipping pages, just like your printed version. It comes with many other features such as videos inse, music, hyperlinks to websites, links to internal pages and product search function and many more. It can be read on computers, iPad, Iphone, android devices such as android phones and tablets and even offline via a CD-rom or thumb drive. Here are more benefits of an e-catalog.
Key Benefits Key Benefits
Save postage costs of sending heavy print catalogs to overseas customers Save time waiting for your web-design company to update your website Add promotion videos to engage your customers View on computers, iPad, iPhone, android tablets and smart phones Save time creating multiple catalogs for multiple products Save time downloading individual product specifications sheets Enable customers to send you emails straight from the e-catalog Enable customers to search within the e- catalog Enable hyperlinks to your online store and close the sales immediately Worldwide access on the internet Reach out to different markets with different language versions improve your website's ranking on major search engines Get Sales analysis data to know who are browsing your products and from which country in the world Reach out to a wider global audience through social media websites
Key Features Key Features
iPad, Mac, iPhone & Android devices support YouTube video insert /slide shows Background music Links to websites/pages/categories Text/Product search Send catalog via email high-quality magnification zoom features Social networks sharing Search Engine Optimization Link to shopping cart page Web analytics support Offline view on iPad, CD-Rom / Thumb Drive
Digital catalogs offer you an additional sales channel to boost your sales worldwide. It is your Ultimate Online Selling Machine, call us now!



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Having a digital catalog is like having the best

sales person to get you more business, 24x7

and 365 days a year. It is your ultimate sales

person that never sleeps!  

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