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- Flipping e-brochures

- Digital Catalogs / e-catalog

- E-magazine

PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Devices

Our e-catalog uses Flash and HTML5 technologies which allows publications to be readable on all types of internet browsers installed on PCs, Mac, mobile phones (iPhone and Android) and tablets (iPad and Android). And the support of HTML provides access to information for those who use mobile phones of older formats too. The e-catalog can be integrated into your existing website for your customers to browse so you can save on constant updating of your website pages.

Design Your Catalog With Own Branding And Company Logo

We can fully customize the look and feel, of your e-catalog by adding your logo, choosing your

preferred colors, background image, sounds and video inserts.

Share Product Stories and Company News With Videos

Add a promotion video, animated slide show to showcase your latest offers or a video report on

your company’s activities or your CEO’s message and make your e-catalog comes alive. Use

moving images and visuals to help create positive corporate image among customers and


Send Catalogs Via Email

This medium makes it very easy to circulate your catalogs. All you need to do is attach the catalog file to your e-mail and send it to millions of users. Also, this is great for brochures and surveys because it has an interactive form which can be filled in and submitted by the viewer.  

Table of Contents / Product Categories Navigation

This feature allows your customers to easily navigate the e-catalog by simply clicking on the desired product section from the interactive table of contents.

Content Protection

If your catalog or publication is an internal document, or contains some confidential information for a particular audience, then you can protect it with a password or part of the content inside.

Text Search / Product Search

Make the search for your products easy and fast. The alphanumeric data extracted from your document is used to enable full-text search in your publication. The unique indexing methods and search algorithms enable quick and easy online searching, even within very large publications with table of contents, without any server scripts or dates.

Press Kits and Promotion Purpose

Offline catalogs can be used as part of your press and promo kit. You can save it offline on a CD- Rom by creating an autorun file, which allows to start your catalog automatically after inserting a СD/DVD or plugging a USB-drive in the computer.

Social Network Sharing and Reaching Bigger Audience

The option of sending publications via email, or sharing them via social networks is available not only to you, but also to your readers. By clicking on the “Share this” button every user can send your publication by email or post it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) directly from the e- catalog interface.

Be Found On The Internet

Each e-catalog can be found by the search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. This means that internet users will be able to search, find, and access your products simply by entering the keywords and phrases contained in your e-catalogs to the search engines.

Customer Data Analysis

Add your Google Analytics account in your e-catalog and you can discover who and where are people looking at your e-catalog. This tool will help you to build a more effective strategy for dealing with your clients and business partners. You will get data such as: Demographics (such as the geographical distribution of your visitors/readers according to their countries and the languages they use). Audience behavior (such as the number of new visitors, the turnout of the existing visitors, the specific pages they visit the most, and so on). Referrals (from which web-sites, social networks, or search engines they access from).

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